Manage Your AdWords Shopping Campaign Effectively to Earn More Profit


Businessmen all over the world have already come to know Google AdWords Shopping Campaigns work great for e-commerce companies. However, proper shopping campaign structuring has always been an overlooked matter in case of Google AdWords Campaign Management.

Small or new business owners who want to hit the ground of campaign management need to learn various tips and tricks for managing Google shopping campaign

What is Google’s Merchant Center?

Google Shopping Ads allow shoppers to find a product quickly and easily on the Google Search Network. But before you start creating a campaign like this you need to set up a Google Merchant Center Account.

Google Merchant Centre is a tool that helps one upload the product data of a store to Google and makes it available for shopping ads promotion. This helps to attract potential buyers and reach shoppers. The accuracy of product information must be relevant so that the consumers don’t get misled.

The list has special formats by Google with different attributes describing various products. The key attributes of Product Data Feed list are tinted below:

  • ID The product is uniquely identified in the ID used by merchants.
  • TitleThe text is shown along with the name of the product when the ad is provided.
  • Product CategoryGoogle’s predefined categories are showcased and people need to choose them.
  • Product TypeIt is defined by promotion.
  • Description the text which describes the product is shown when the ad is clicked.
  • LinkThe link to item’s page on the website necessary to be done.
  • Availability statusIt describes whether the product is in stock or not.
  • Price and Sale price is also defined under the products.

It is not mandatory to write text ads that are done for search campaigns. The shopping ads are automatically generated using the data in a feed.

There are companies often do this work manually using a spreadsheet of Google, others use third-party services but some use special software on their website to keep the information updated and sync with their website. This spreadsheet certainly provides most control which is appropriate to manage thousands of products.

A high-quality data feed is a huge factor to successfully manage Google shopping campaigns. Some essential points are needed to be kept in mind such as:

  • To determine relevancy shopping campaigns do not use keywords. Make sure that the titles and description of the products are keyword-rich and appealing to a potential buyer, who is viewing the ads. Google uses the data to see the products that are relevant to any search query.
  • You can add negative keywords to omit unwanted traffic with shopping campaigns, but, be careful in doing so because it may lead to cut all traffic accidents.
  • It is needed to be sure that prices are 100% accurate while dealing with international currencies. Google won’t show the products if the info is inaccurate.
  • Sometimes low-quality product images lead to the disapproval of many ads. Make sure the images are of high-quality. Abstain from using Watermarked or edited product images. They must be only the product which the merchant is selling.
  • It is necessary to make sure that destination URLs are live and not 404 dead pages. Google never shows products with dead links.

Shopping Campaign procedure to organize product group

Here are the ways to organize product groups:

  • While creating a shopping campaign, you may have one ad group with a product group called “All products”. This group will include your entire inventory. Split your inventory into small groups with subdivisions to make bidding specific to meet your advertisement targets.
  • After the shopping campaign matures and the target of promotion meets, consider separating “Best Sellers” into different ad groups or campaigns. This helps to earn more revenues from the products.

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